Welcome to Faith House!

The official Mission Statement of Faith House Ministries of Africa reads as follows: "Faith House Ministries of Africa is a Christian organization offering charitable support and educational opportunity to at-risk African young women in order that they will gain the resources necessary to become self-sufficient contributors to the welfare of their families, their communities, their country, and their world." The specific ways that Faith House lives out that mission are the ways that the house becomes home. Faith House is a place where our girls can be safe . . .


family meals

. . . Safe to unwind, regroup, and share  adventures



. . . Safe to laugh and play and be teenagers

*friendsatplay copy.jpg

chores and responsibilities

. . . Safe to work together

*Washday copy.jpg

Mission trip to tanzania

. . . Safe to catch a vision of the needs of the world


Shared graduations and life's milestones

. . . Safe to build lifelong friendships

*Lifelongfriends copy.jpg

meal preparation

. . . Safe to work together


Always studies

. . . Safe to study and appreciate a sister's gifts


sunday praise and worship

. . . Safe to worship together



. . . Safe to attend school when school is costly


visits from extended family

. . . Safe to learn what a dad can be



. . . Safe to think and read and learn together


"football" team

. . . Safe to learn teamwork


Prayer before the day begins

. . . Safe to pray together


water from a truck

. . . Safe to see God's provision in time of real need

-Water truck.jpg

wonderful kenyan leadership

. . . safe to be trained, mentored, and deeply loved