A family, a shelter, a place to call home 


Imagine a place where girls are safe...

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Why did Faith House begin?

Faith House Ministries of Africa was inspired by the story of one young woman in Nairobi, Kenya, fostered through the shining success of two Kenyan students, and realized through the efforts of a small group of people dedicated to providing support and opportunity for young women with nowhere else to turn. Meet Faith and Agnes and Damaris . . .

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Who makes Faith House happen?

In 2016 Faith House transitioned from American missionary leadership to a Kenyan Director. Beatrice, with a degree in B-com (finance and banking) and an advanced diploma in psychology (counseling), had been the Faith House Assistant Director for four years before she became director.  She shares the passion for the Faith House vision and a deep love for the girls. 

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What is our vision?

Faith House is a safe house, a shelter, a home, so much more than a building. We are a Christian ministry committed to being family for African young women without peaceful home situations.

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What goes on in Faith House?

Life in Faith House is as close to a stable happy home as we can make it. Our goal is to give the girls opportunities to learn and grow and discover the gifts that God has given them.

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Today's students.
Tomorrow's leaders.

The commitment of Faith House is to provide opportunity for the girls to complete secondary school and to pursue advanced education, either vocational or on the university level, according to their individual abilities. A peaceful home environment frees the students to strive for excellence in their studies.

2017 Highlights

Nurture, Growth, and Change.

The year 2017 was a year of growth in the size of the Faith House family, as well as in the maturity of the girls. It was a year of opportunity and change. We are grateful for the new possibilities that 2017 offered.

  • In January, we brought in six new Form One students.
  • Two students, who had completed their KCSE exams in 2016, began specialized advanced studies.
  • The two high school finishers celebrated graduation on an overnight safari to Sambaru National Park.
  • One student completed her work toward a diploma in Human Relations.
  • In November, six Form Four students completed their Kenyan national exams necessary for high school certification.
  • Beatrice, our Kenyan Director, married Wycliffe.
  • Susan joined the Faith House staff as House Manager.

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