Volunteering in Rwanda

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September 2, 2014




Teresa is one of our most recent high school graduates, finishing her KCSE exams in November, 2013. She is bright, articulate and very capable. Her dream is to go to medical school and to become a surgeon. In the spring, after she completed a course in basic computers, and while she waited for her university applications to be processed, Gretchen asked her to find a place to volunteer. She wrote of that volunteer opportunity at the end of three months of training and service.


From Teresa:

I volunteered at a ministry called Life Ministry in Kenya and globally known as Campus Crusade for Christ.  Our program was known as Holiday Discipleship Program and the main agenda was spreading the gospel to campus students.  We were trained in the morning hours then in the afternoon we would go to different campuses.

Honestly it is the most daring thing I have ever done in my entire life so far.  The first day we went to do door to door evangelism.  I was so nervous I had no guarantee that things will be okay and even with the training and knowing God is with me did not ease the butterflies in my tummy.  Well it was an experience.  We made friendships.  We shared God’s word to those who were willing to listen and left Bible tracts to those who did not want to talk.  We had some doors slammed on our faces.  We were cajoled and insulted by some.  Sneered and mocked by others.  And for three months, I didn’t give up.  In fact, God gave me a boldness I never had [before] to share His word.

In all that time I learned how to study God’s word inductively.  How not only to listen but also examine the Scriptures every day so that I know whether what is said is true—just like the Bereans.  My quiet time has stopped being a routine; rather it has become a special time when I bond with God in His word, through prayer and in silence.  I have also learned how to have God’s eyes for the lost.  My judgmental nature was scrubbed clean.  I guess now I know what it means (though not fully) to have an attitude the same as that of Christ.

I have learned how to seriously pray for others.  This came about when I was asked to evangelize in a university where Christianity is not allowed and any Christian activity was not to be heard of.  Through prayer walks around the university, I knew that God may not only want me to spread the gospel to the them but rather to pray for them and to let Him open the doors when He saw fit.  And He really did open opportunities for us to share God’s word.


I enjoyed fellowship with my group members.  I was discipled and later on discipled some students.  I learned a new meaning of having a teachable heart and a humble spirit.  Many times discouragement crouched in when it all seemed that everything we did was in vain.  Yet God reminded me that mine was to plant and maybe water, but only He could make the seed grow.  We visited a rehabilitation center and there I understood what it meant to seek and save the lost.  I saw for myself–before being saved and after.  It was a life changing experience whereby I saw what addiction to drugs and alcohol does to someone young and old.  And I also saw the difference when one made the decision to change and allow Christ to heal him.  I learned not to judge someone’s behavior before I walk a mile in his shoes.  I learned to embrace others and not stigmatize.

I also evangelized through the Athletics in Action strategy.

Bottom line, my relationship with God became more intimate.


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