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August 5, 2011

In July 2011 Juliah graduated from Bunks Early Childhood Education College in Nairobi with a diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education. She is currently interviewing for a job and hopes one day to take further courses in special education. During her training she was especially moved by a few children with cerebral palsy, and wants to focus her attention on helping children with those special needs.

Juliah was in the third class at Rafiki Girls’ Center. She was living with an aunt at the time, having suffered the loss of both her parents to AIDs. When asked what her goals were for her life, she replied, “I want to help orphans because I am one.” The death of her mom especially , and the fact that she had to live in a relative’s home, feeling little love, weighed heavily on her. She struggled with relationships at home and among friends through her vulnerable teenage years. As she struggled to find a place where she belonged, she changed high schools several times, finally graduating from Mountain View Academy.

God gave her the home for which she hungered with Hellen who was, at the time, our Faith House National Assistant. Juliah became a member of the Faith House family by extension. And after finishing high school, she found the calling that holds her heart.

We always knew that Juliah is truly gifted with children. She loves her younger siblings and her nieces and nephews. And during clinics and some training times we watched her joyfully playing with the little ones who needed attention. She truly lights up around children.

She smiled with a new radiant confidence as she showed her mock classroom and demonstrated the teaching tools she had created, explaining how she had used materials that were easily accessible because her teaching assignment might be “in a place where we can’t get paper and other supplies easily!” Juliah seems to have found her place.

Where Juliah would be if there had been no Faith House or no Hellen to stand behind her and encourage her when life seemed so dark?


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