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August 13, 2012

Noah was dirty. Road construction on the main route between Faith House and Village Market had left a coating of fine red dust covering the van from top to bottom. A cry for help screamed from Noah’s back window: “WASH ME!”

But water in the Faith House neighborhood was precious. The main water supply had been off and on for the past few weeks. The house storage tank had been drained more than once. It seemed a waste to spray water on a car.  And yet Noah’s dull finish betrayed a lack of attention.

Most of the girls ignored the need. They were so busy with their studies!

But Margaret was at loose ends. She had finished high school. Her computer classes required little homework. Her classes to become a dental assistant wouldn’t start until September. Was there a way she could wash the car without wasting water? Resourceful, Margaret gathered supplies: two small buckets filled with water, a rag, some soap, and a small glass jar.

With a smile of determination she got to work.

Splashing water from bucket onto the vehicle , she attacked the layers of red dust and dirt.

Neither Noah’s size nor his condition deterred Margaret from her task.

Under her hand, Noah was beginning to shine.

But Noah is a tall vehicle, built for carrying many passengers, and Margaret is so short that she has lived with the nickname “Little Margaret.” Cleaning the top of Noah would prove quite a challenge. Without a ladder, Margaret would not be able to reach Noah’s roof to polish the dirt away.

Not to be defeated, Margaret searched for one final piece of cleaning equipment. She would MOP the top of Noah.

A few more splashes from the bucket and jar, and Noah was ready for his next trip on the dusty Nairobi roads.

And Margaret proved that with a little creative ingenuity, almost any problem can be solved.

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