Prayer Day at Faith House

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November 15, 2011

Between October 18 and November 10, four of our Faith House girls are taking their KCSE exams, as many as 25 different exams, covering all of the high school work these students have done. The results determine what courses they can pursue beyond high school. It is a time of exceptionally high pressure for all Kenyan high school students.
Because of the pressure on the students, Kenyan schools (government schools as well as private schools) commonly set aside a day of prayer during which parents and friends gather to pray and encourage their students before the exams. Catherine and Margaret W. are in school at Danana Girls Secondary School, where the prayer day is part of their routine. But Ridgeways Academy, where Maureen and Elizabeth are students did not have a prayer day this year. Gretchen could not bear the thought that the girls should have to face exams without KNOWING that there were some standing behind them, praying. She scheduled the first annual Faith House Day of Prayer for KCSE exams.
Thirty-two Faith House girls and friends of our work gathered to share in this special time. They sang hymns: “How Great Thou Art,” “What a Friend We Have In Jesus,” and “Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah.” Liz shared about God’s faithfulness in the past and Maureen talked about looking forward to God’s faithfulness in the future. One of our college students who took the exam last year offered her understanding and encouragement. There was prayer from the Faith House members and prayer from the guests. Gretchen closed the program with a message from one or our board members and with a reading of Philippians 1: 9-11 and a selection from Matthew 5.
Then they shared fellowship over scones, chocolate cake, lemon bread, and peanut butter oatmeal cookies with punch and coffee. The afternoon was a huge encouragement to Maureen and Liz, and to Gretchen. Gretchen calls the day the “first annual . . .” expecting it to be one of the important days on the Faith House calendar.

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