Why Faith House?

Faith House Ministries of Africa was inspired by the story of one young woman in Nairobi, Kenya, fostered through the shining success of two Kenyan students, and realized through the efforts of a small group of people dedicated to providing support and opportunity for young women with nowhere else to turn.

A Need for a Safe Home: Faith

Faith was one of the earliest students in Rafiki Girls’ Center, Nairobi, nineteen years old, a talented painter and sweet Christian. During the three years she was in Rafiki she had shared her heart’s desires: she wanted to get her Kenyan ID so that she could get a job and buy a house to help girls like herself. »

A Hunger to Learn:  Damaris & Agnes

Damaris grew up in the crowded “suburbs” on the outskirts of Nairobi. Her home is one room or maybe two, in a compound shared with other families around a common courtyard. Private spaces where a growing young girl could study and learn and develop are non-existent. And yet Damaris did well in primary school, and was eager to go on.

Agnes grew up in a tiny village clinging to the steep foothills across a valley from Mount Kenya, the third of four children. Agnes’ primary school years were often interrupted when her grandmother needed to survive. No one expected Agnes to do well on her exams at the end of primary school, but she surprised everyone with marks that would guarantee a good secondary school. »

A Love for the Girls:  Jane & Gretchen

For four and a half years I served in Rafiki Village, Nairobi, as the Girls’ Center Director, and as “mom” to a group of young women put at risk by their age, gender, and cultural pressures. It’s fairly easy to fall in love with a child, an orphan whose needs are so plain and so heart-wrenching. »