Our Mission

Faith House is a Christian ministry designed to be family for African young women who have not known peaceful home situations, and to provide opportunities for education and training for these young women, who would, in many cases, be struggling to survive.

Our desire is that, through Faith House Ministries of Africa, the young women we serve will gain the resources necessary to become self-sufficient contributors to the welfare of their families, their communities and their country.

Faith House pursues its mission in the following ways:

  • By providing a safe home where, in a family setting, young women are loved, nurtured, and encouraged to reach their potential.
  • By offering opportunities for young women to continue with academic education and/or vocational training, according to the gifts of each individual. In some cases the education will include provision of boarding school.
  • By engaging in a broad range of cultural, religious and recreational activities in the community and surrounding areas.
  • By providing Bible study, discipleship training and the practice of Christian virtues such as honesty, commitment, respect, gracious manners, stewardship, and the value and dignity of individuals.
  • By teaching young women peaceful family relations as they live together and are trained in creative ways to solve their problems.
  • By developing relationships with individuals and organizations who support the aims of the mission, both in Africa and internationally.
  • By engaging in other activities related to the personal growth and education of African young women.