Volunteering in Rwanda »

    Teresa is one of our most recent high school graduates, finishing her KCSE exams in November, 2013. She is bright, articulate and very capable. Her dream is to go to medical school and to become a surgeon. In the spring, after she completed a course in basic computers, and while she waited »

A Day at Faith House »

Before 5 a.m. some of the early risers are in the study room with books spread over their desks. It’s so hard to be awake so early, but the students fight through illness and weariness to be fully prepared for the day. Between 5 and 6 a.m. all the girls begin to stir, taking showers, getting dressed, »

Resourceful »

Noah was dirty. Road construction on the main route between Faith House and Village Market had left a coating of fine red dust covering the van from top to bottom. A cry for help screamed from Noah’s back window: “WASH ME!” But water in the Faith House neighborhood was precious. The »

Not Easily Discouraged »

When I first met Jane Mwihaki, she was applying for a place at Rafiki Girls’ Center. I asked her to tell me something special about herself that would help me remember her. Few of the girls could answer that question. Jane’s immediate response: “I am not easily discouraged.” Jane »

A Smaller World »

The evening was quiet. Most of the girls had settled into studying, some at their desks in the study room, some grouped around math texts spread on the dining room table, a few finishing kitchen chores. We had been at Faith House in Nairobi for almost a week. The routine was becoming normal. I was working »

An Opportunity to Serve »

Zipporah is an outstanding student at JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University for Agriculture and Technology), majoring in actuarial science. She will finish her course work in December and then spend the spring in practical training and preparation for her professional exams in April. Her official graduation »

A Faith House Christmas »

The first time we celebrated Christmas at Faith House, the trappings and decorations so familiar to us as Americans were just a bit strange to our girls. Most of them marveled at the lighted tree and decorated themselves as well as the tree. »

In Need of An Advocate »

Through most of the spring of this year, Damaris, one of our FH girls who lives with us, has been researching and looking for a good nursing school, perhaps a Christian school, in a place not so big as Houston. In May, as soon as she graduated from Lone Star Community College, just north of Houston, »

Trained and Ready to Teach »

In July 2011 Juliah graduated from Bunks Early Childhood Education College in Nairobi with a diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education. She is currently interviewing for a job and hopes one day to take further courses in special education. During her training she was especially moved by a few »

Anne »

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Edna »

Edna is a form one student at Marion Secondary School.  Read More →

Effie »

Effie is a form one student at Marion Secondary School.  Read More →

Faith »

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Teresa »

Teresa┬ácompleted high school in 2013 and is now a second year student at Kenya Methodist University, studying medicine.  Read More →