A Smaller World

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May 17, 2012

The evening was quiet. Most of the girls had settled into studying, some at their desks in the study room, some grouped around math texts spread on the dining room table, a few finishing kitchen chores.

We had been at Faith House in Nairobi for almost a week. The routine was becoming normal. I was working on my computer, recording my notes and observations, when Leah suddenly entered the room.

“Mrs. Jane, come with me!” My usual response: “WHY?”

“You’ll see . . . Close your eyes . . . In fact, cover your eyes!”

She led me down the hall, out the door, and onto the porch. I worried about falling and wondered what this mischievous young woman had in mind. “NOW, open your eyes!”

And there, above the trees, hung a beautiful full moon! This photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the one I took!

Once again I was arrested by the fact that I was looking at the same moon I watch in Texas. The moon is God’s way of reminding me how connected I am to everyone in His world.

The whole time that we lived in Kenya the full moons reminded me of home. My family . . . my friends could see the same moon. And when we returned to Texas to live, the same moon reminded me, month after month, of those I had come to love in Kenya.

Somehow, the world seems smaller when I remember that on opposite sides of the world we see the same moon.

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