A Life-Changing Experience

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December 13, 2012

Mary Reeve is the wife of Faith House board member Bill Reeve and truly our biggest fan. She met many of our senior students more than eight years ago, while volunteering as a nurse in a Rafiki Foundation medical clinic. Mary has always been an inspiration in the lives of the Faith House girls.

We’re thrilled to have Mary share the photos and experiences from her family’s recent trip to Nairobi.

Our latest trip to Kenya was just about 3 weeks ago..and it was our BEST of the past 8 years…


Well…the LORD allowed us to see the fruit of HIS PLAN for our Faith House girls.

Oh my word…they have all been working SO HARD within their individual goals…and they are becoming such great reflections of JESUS!!

Under the unbelievable leadership of Gretchen…they are TRULY becoming women of GOD…and contributors to their society..as has always been the goal of Faith House Africa.

We just were HUMBLED by HIS work!

Having one of our 3 children come with us…our son, David and his wife, Suzanne…well, that was just BEYOND the BEST. Our family has HAD TO hear about our love of Africa now for 8 years…oh yes, they’ve been “interested”…but to ACTUALLY SEE it…what a difference…they have “caught the bug”…they understand that GOD is ALIVE and WELL on that continent…oh yes…

Going to Africa IS life changing…but SO FAR from anything one can imagine.

You can’t “take with you” something to give away over there…NO…you COME HOME with something that is LIFE CHANGING…that’s HIS LOVE…being LIVED OUT in front of your eyes…you are touched…you are embraced..yes…you experience HIS blessing.

We are already on the countdown for when we can return!!

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