A Day at Faith House

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November 18, 2012

Before 5 a.m. some of the early risers are in the study room with books spread over their desks. It’s so hard to be awake so early, but the students fight through illness and weariness to be fully prepared for the day.

Between 5 and 6 a.m. all the girls begin to stir, taking showers, getting dressed, gathering books and school supplies. Some greet the day with bright smiles. Others drag into the new day.

By 6 a.m. (usually before) breakfast is laid out in the kitchen—chai tea, rolls, fruit, sausages, peanut butter, jam . . . different selections for each day.

At 6:25 the girls are out the door, through the gate, down the long driveway,

and out at the street waiting for the arrival of the private bus hired to take them to school.

Faith House high school students attend St. Catherine’s Girls’ Secondary School.

Though the school is open for boarding, our girls are day students. Our goals of providing a home environment and discipleship training are better accomplished at Faith House.

At 5:30, after a long day, the girls return to Faith House, sometimes still in their uniforms,

sometimes coming directly from afternoon athletics,

sometimes coming in their scout uniforms.

They arrive to find snacks laid out for a time of relaxing,


and visiting.

Several girls are assigned each day to help with dinner preparations including food prep and setting the tables.

Dinners are varied, attractive and nutritious.

Sometimes the girls talk during the meals, sometimes they joke and laugh, and sometimes they simply eat quietly, unwinding from the demanding school schedule.

After dinner several girls are assigned each day to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.

As soon as the dishes are cleared, the girls gather in the living room for devotions and prayer.

Studies fill the evenings as the students work individually,

and in small groups, doing homework assignments, helping each other understand difficult concepts, and always preparing for the KCSE exams which hang over their heads to mark the end of high school.

Most days the lights are on for dinner and evening studies. But some nights, light for meals or studies is provided by candles and lanterns.

By 11 p.m. lights are out, the girls are in bed, and the house is silent.

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